Gabriele Dressler

International business lawyer

Former Honorary Consul of the

Federal Republic of Germany in Grenoble


Germany — France — Italy

Gabriele Dressler is a German attorney.

She was admitted to practice law in 1995.

Mrs. Dressler is the founder and owner of the DRESSLER Law Firm (founded in 1997; part of DTS Law Firm until 2011). DRESSLER Law currently has offices in Munich, Hamburg, and Düsseldorf, in addition to branches in Paris, Lyon (previously the Grenoble office), and Bologna.

DRESSLER Law advises clients on German and international law. It focuses on serving foreign clients, particularly French, Italian, and American. DRESSLER Law advises these foreign clients as they pursue business activities in Germany (including supply agreements, sales and distribution agreements, founding of subsidiaries, corporate takeovers, labor law), and all related areas of the law. In addition, DRESSLER Law also advises German clients in their national and especially international endeavors.

Mrs. Dressler was born in 1968 in Hameln/Weser.

Raised in Bonn, she later studied law in Bonn, Geneva, and Munich and was awarded multiple scholarships by the «Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes» (German National Merit Foundation) and the «DAAD» (German Academic Exchange Service). She passed her two state legal exams in Munich.

As part of her legal training, Mrs. Dressler worked for the legal department of BMW and several renowned professors in the fields of trade, corporate, and international law. During her education she chose international law as her specialty.

After completing her education Mrs. Dressler was initially a staff attorney for the firm Bruckhaus Westrick Stegemann (now Freshfields) for approximately two years. She then founded the DRESSLER Law firm in 1997. Since that time she has served international clients through this firm on non-judicial and judicial matters, including arbitration. She utilizes an extensive international network of colleagues and complementary professionals such as tax advisors, financial auditors, translators, export consultants, executive searcher, and others.

From 2008 to 2012 Mrs. Dressler

additionally served as Honorary Consul of Germany in Grenoble and was thereby responsible for the French departments of Isère, Savoie, and Haute-Savoie.

Mrs. Dressler speaks German, English, French, Italian, and Spanish.




Munich, Germany: +49 89 24 29 45 0

Hamburg, Germany: +49 40 60 00 92 0

Düsseldorf, Germany: +49 211 911 910 19

Paris, France: +33 1 78 76 79 09

Lyon, France: +33 4 78 53 58 56

Bologna, Italy: +39 051 092 0073

Mobile: +49 172 433 6004